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Spare parts - Apple iPhone - Battery

FixServis is a specialist in spare parts for mobile, tablet, laptop and other devices. Wide portfolio for original, OEM and refurbished Apple parts for iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac, iPod and Apple Watch. We offer affordable, tested spare parts with 2 year warranty. Have you cracked the touch screen or LCD screen? Choose from our range of different LCD and touch screen qualities - original, OEM or FixPremium. We have compared the differences between individual qualities in the article. If you decide to repair your iPhone, iPad, MacBook yourself, FixServis will not only help you replace your spare part by selling the original compatible spare part, but will even give you repair instructions. Find the professional service instructions you need from our range. With us you will find every spare part - LCD display, touch screen, charging connector, earpiece, speaker, main and front camera and camera glass or flex cable and screws.

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